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Get ready to do things never done before in B2B.

Grand Anar creates private online communities where manufacturers and suppliers share rich product content and personalized pricing effortlessly. Now you can automate self-serve marketing, fuel agile ecommerce and CRM, receive feedback for product improvement, and empower the entire supply chain in a whole new way.

Join the cloud-powered information exchange network for wholesale distribution.

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"What I like best about Grand Anar is that it creates a universal product language and a single platform where manufacturers and suppliers can share product information, build online communities, and track product feedback along their supply chains.
It’s like Linkedin, Yelp, and Amazon all in one."

Adrian Suzuki-Cruz, Senju Sprinkler

“In my opinion, if there are other manufacturers out there doing things manually like we were, they should jump on Grand Anar.
Embrace the technology. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Karla Braun, Marketing Services Supervisor at Malco Products

“Another major benefit of Anarus data is that product attributes come in standardized formats…
This saves us hours of data cleaning and data standardization for our website.”

Leanne Gordon, Partner at Glacier Supply Group

In a world where everyone shops online, the quality of your product information is just as important as the quality of your products.

Grand Anar is a cloud-born platform that maps and standardizes manufacturers’ product data, bringing an end to inconsistent data formats, expensive database outsourcing, and tedious tasks like filling out customer spreadsheets. Our big data solution solves a decade-old problem, taking the high cost and effort out of sharing quality product information along the supply chain.

Anarus Stellar eCommerce

The ecommerce platform built from the ground up for cloud-powered information exchange.

Create a Stellar experience to rival the biggest online retailers and wholesalers out there, at a sliver of the price.

Getting product details & pricing has never
been this affordable or this easy.

Low monthly subscription

Strict data security

Ecommerce-ready content

Exciting opportunities to transform marketing
and supply chain communication and

What will you do first?

Bullet List Icon: supply chain online listings
Expand online listings
Add more lines with ready-to-use, standardized product information.
Phone Icon: ecommerce exchange network
Enrich ecommerce data
Give shoppers detailed product descriptions—no work required.
Share Star Icon: supply chain exchange network feedback
Collect and share customer feedback
Learn about your products from the people using them.
Magnifying Glass Icon: tracking information exchange network data
Track data use
Gain valuable insight by tracking and analyzing data use.
Ecommerce Screen Icon: supply chain ecommerce
Experience effortless ecommerce
Establish a powerful online presence with Grand Anar data and Anarus Stellar eCommerce.
Community Icon: supply chain information exchange network community
Build an online community
Create a private network in the cloud to share product information and alerts.

Find out more about the cloud-powered supply chain information exchange network that’s changing everything.