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Anarus Stellar eCommerce

Built from the ground up for cloud-powered information exchange

Anarus Stellar eCommerce screenshot for flat rate SKU pricing

The eCommerce experience you want and the simplicity you need

Now you can keep your eCommerce and CRM systems up to date with current and feature-rich product content – without the hassle of maintaining your own product database server. Simply load your part numbers into Anarus Stellar eCommerce and watch Grand Anar fill your fields with product information that’s up to date and richly detailed.

  • Grand Anar ready-made APIs keep your CRM, ERP, ecommerce and mobile applications connected and current
  • Integrate Stellar eCommerce with your ERP system for customer-specific pricing, quantity in hand, order entry and more
  • Display manufactures’ entire stock and non-stock lines or just the products you stock
  • Customize your ecommerce site with corporate colors and logos

Grand Anar+Anarus Stellar eCommerce

See what you can do.