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Anarus Stellar eCommerce

Built from the ground up for cloud-powered information exchange

Effortless product data

Stellar eCommerce is powered by the Grand Anar data exchange portal. Simply load your part numbers and watch Grand Anar fill your fields with product information that’s up to date and richly detailed. Your eCommerce and CRM systems stay current with standardized manufacturer product information. No data management required, and no per-SKU fees!

Customized to fit your brand

Select your colors, add logos, and choose what you want to display. You can include manufacturers’ entire stock and non-stock lines, or just the products you stock. It’s easy to redesign and modernize existing company website pages too – Anarus offers website design services at a small per-page fee to Stellar eCommerce users. Get ready to impress your customers!

Stellar eCommerce in Action

“I didn’t believe I could include all the products I sell for that small amount.”
“Modern, untouchable!”
“It makes us look good.”

Grand Anar   +   Anarus Stellar eCommerce

See what you can do.