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Grand Anar

The Cloud-powered information exchange network for wholesale distribution.

Distributor using cloud-powered information exchange on tablet


Empower your entire supply chain in a whole new way.

Create private online communities in the cloud where you can share rich product content and personalized pricing with your suppliers effortlessly. Now you can automate self-serve marketing, fuel agile ecommerce and CRM and receive feedback for product improvement while protecting your product data with strict security and user controls.

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Manufacturer using Grand Anar cloud-powered data portal on tablet


Experience effortless ecommerce.

Unlock unlimited access to industry parts data and pricing from your favorite manufacturers all in one place, and stop paying by the SKU for ecommerce-ready parts data and pricing. Help yourself to all the content you need to market your products, improve the buyer experience and sell more online.

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Big warehouse where products are listed on their cloud-powered ecommerce portal

Buyers Groups & Associations

Take the high cost and hassle out of managing manufacturer parts data.

Help even your smallest members compete like big players with continuous, unlimited access to fresh standardized manufacturer data and pricing whenever they need it. No per-SKU fees!

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“In my opinion, if there are other manufacturers out there doing things manually like we were, they should jump on Grand Anar. Embrace the technology. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Karla Braun, Marketing Services Supervisor, Malco Products

How it Works

Data Stack Icon: global online data exchange language
Simple Free-Form Storage, Powerful Integration
Anarus Platforms use the global online data exchange language known as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to feed and retrieve data. No need for rows and columns here. Using our patent-pending technology, simple text is stored and indexed in the cloud. Our sophisticated search mechanisms and integration capabilities let authorized users quickly retrieve information for any purpose and any application.
Cloud Data Icon: dependable cloud data storage hub
Dependable Performance in the Cloud
Stop worrying about data transmit limitations. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Anarus platforms create an environment in which data moves quickly and consistently when and where it’s needed. Your users can count on fast 24X7 access no matter where they are.
Security Shield Icon: security for cloud-based data repository
Complete Security and Visibility
Our secure authentication protocol gives you complete control—and visibility—over who can access and download your information.

Transform your business. Join the cloud-powered data portal that’s empowering the entire supply chain.