Product Data Exchange Network

GrandAnar™ is a secure cloud-based portal that provides a bridge enabling manufacturers to easily and securely share their product data seamlessly with their customers. No matter what industry you serve!

With GrandAnar’s cloud technology data portal, manufacturers share their product information securely and electronically only with the customers they choose to give access. GrandAnar becomes the “single source of truth” by providing a centralized repository for product information; updated as often as a manufacturer chooses.

Industry Standardization Means Rich Product Content

The data for any SKU is the same regardless of who is providing it. The difference is that every company names their attributes for a given SKU in whatever way they find easy or makes sense to their internal processes; many of which pre-date the internet. This is why there has previously been no standardization. When data is needed for business purposes, such as ecommerce, these inaccuracies cause big problems.

GrandAnar modulates the data from manufacturers with standardized product categories and attributes before it is stored in a universal format in the Cloud. This provides a direct data connection using Cloud technology between manufacturers and their select distributor customers; in the format distributors require and without any database creation work on the distributor end. The system works seamlessly with any output. This saves manufacturers the hassle of creating personalized databases for each and every customer.

  • You will always know that data attributes will be consistent. (e.g. Voltage will always be named voltage, not volt, volts, vol, etc.)
  • Net pricing can be retrieved directly from manufacturers at any time.

Direct Data Connection

GrandAnar provides a direct data connection between manufacturers and their distributor customers. The manufacturer’s rich product information – including data and customer-specific pricing – gets securely stored in their private Cloud account. Once given permission, retail or distributor customers can access the data – specific to their account – to use with their ecommerce, pricing, etc. Our technology also allows distributors to automatically connect to the Cloud database – keeping their ecommerce systems updated with the latest manufacturer product information.

Intuitive User Interface

Not everyone has the time or expertise to manipulate the data columns and column names manufacturers provide for import into ecommerce. GrandAnar’s intuitive and simple point-and-click user interface allows retailers and distributors to easily manipulate data into column order and names for seamless use with their ecommerce.

Product Data Modulation

What makes us unique is the way we modulate manufacturer provided product data to store for and supply to retailers and distributors. Our patent-pending technology intelligently examines the manufacturer data being loaded in the system and guides users to conform to their industry standard. This enables customers to receive requested data in a consistent format – eliminating a need to manually “cleanse” it before use in their ecommerce. In short, this means that customers get clean, standardized product hierarchy and attributes that makes sense to all.

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