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Powerfully simple information sharing solutions

eCommerce database fields on computer screen

At Anarus, our mission is to make life easier for anyone who needs to store and share information securely with other businesses and business systems.

Hand holding global cloud-based information exchange concept

Built from the ground up for cloud information exchange and digital commerce.

Our platform provides a cloud-based data repository and retrieval system for B2B and B2C enterprises using our innovative globally-distributed, multi-model, non-SQL database service at planet-scale.

We’re taking the high cost and effort out of sharing quality product information along the supply chain.

Grand Anar is a free-form cloud data storage hub for any size company and any industry. We are changing the way the world uses databases by eliminating the rigid, high maintenance “rows and columns” structure of databases. Our smart indexing and search technology allows companies to store information in the cloud in simple JSON text format so authorized users can search, retrieve and link information to their own applications with incredible ease.

Transform your business. Join the cloud-powered data portal that’s empowering the entire supply chain.