Powerfully simple information sharing solutions

Our platform provides a cloud-based data repository and retrieval system for B2B and B2C enterprises using our innovative globally-distributed, multi-model, non-SQL database service at planet-scale. Our solutions are schema-agnostic and horizontally scalable.

At Anarus, our mission is to make life easier for anyone who needs to store and share information with other businesspeople and other business systems.

We set out to revolutionize data storage, creating a cloud-based system for storing simple, yet organized data fields. What was once complex, proprietary and better left to IT, can now be powerful, easy and infinitely flexible. Our Grand Anar platform can be used by any company that wants to store any information in an organized but simple way in the cloud that can be securely shared with other companies’ applications. For example:
• Data fields from a simple website "Contact Us" form can be stored and shared with multiple applications.

  • • Enterprises can store unlimited granular product information and specifications in the cloud for access with their channel partners’ eCommerce sites or mobile apps.
  • Grand Anar is a free-form cloud data storage hub for any size company and any industry. It is a powerfully simple way to store and share data. We are changing the way the world uses databases by eliminating the rigid, high maintenance “rows and columns” structure of database. Our smart indexing and search technology allow companies to store information in the cloud in simple JSON text format so authorized users can search, retrieve and link information to their own applications with incredible ease.

    What if you could take the “structure” out of the database?

    Planning the rows and columns and data relationships of a traditional database takes time. Plus, any time new products come along or data attributes change, you devote even more time updating the database structure. The more complex the database, the more you spend maintaining it.

    Why not take the structure and the hassle out of data management? With Anarus Platforms you free yourself from the limitations of traditional data storage and retrieval systems.

    • Break free from high maintenance database structures
    • Break free from SQL
    • Break free from the limitations of local storage
    • Break free from IT timetables

    How it Works

    It’s never been simpler to share, manage and integrate information. Here’s why:

    Simple Free-Form Storage, Powerful Integration

    Anarus Platforms use the global online data exchange language known as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to feed and retrieve data. No need for rows and columns here. Using our patent-pending technology, simple text is stored and indexed in the cloud. Our sophisticated search mechanisms and integration capabilities let authorized users quickly retrieve information for any purpose and any application.

    Dependable Performance in the Cloud

    Stop worrying about data transmit limitations. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Anarus platforms create an environment in which data moves quickly and consistently when and where it’s needed. Your users can count on fast 24X7 access no matter where they are.

    Complete Security and Visibility

    Our secure authentication protocol gives you complete control—and visibility--over who can access and download your information.

    Ready for database freedom?

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