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Grand Anar Case Study

HVAC Distributor Decreases 3rd Party Product Data Costs and Hassle with Grand Anar

“This saves us hours of data cleaning and data standardization for our website.” Leanne Gordon, Glacier Supply Group

Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, Glacier Supply Group is an HVAC distribution company with branches stretching from northern California to central Montana. Glacier Supply Group is also a member of the BLUE HAWK cooperative of HVACR wholesalers, and it was through this affiliation that Glacier Supply learned about the Grand Anar data exchange network from Anarus.

We asked Leanne Gordon, Partner at Glacier Supply Group, to share her thoughts about Grand Anar and what it means to have unlimited self-serve access to standardized manufacturer product data. “The platform is a great fit for our company,” Gordon told us. “It is nice to pay a very reasonable monthly subscription rather than larger lump sums throughout the year for data updates. This results in much lower costs per year for 3rd party product data.”

Gordon also emphasized the fact that all HVACR manufacturer product data in Grand Anar is consistently formatted. “Another major benefit of Anarus data is that product attributes come in standardized formats (for example, all BTU measurements look like 24,000 or 36,000 rather than a mix of formats (like 24k or 24000 or 24,000). This saves us hours of data cleaning and data standardization for our website,” Gordon explained.

What makes Grand Anar a good fit for Glacier Supply Group and other BLUE HAWK member companies? According to Gordon, “The quality of the data is top notch, and they are continuously working on new features and improvements for the platform. It is a new platform, so they are very open to feedback and feature requests. I am very happy with the platform.”

Gordon also complimented the Anarus team. “Anarus customer service has been top-notch,” she stated. “The staff are extremely responsive, met all deadlines, and are very open to feedback.”

With the Grand Anar cloud-based data exchange network from Anarus, distributors like Glacier Supply Group unlock unlimited access to standardized parts data and pricing from their manufacturers all in one place. They can stop paying by the SKU for 3rd party data and help themselves to all the eCommerce-ready content they need to market their products and improve the buyer experience. Manufacturers, buyers groups, and associations benefit too. Learn more at or call 612-255-3712 to request a demo.

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