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RX for Product Data Sharing Headaches: Only Anarus Has a Long-lasting Cure

“ Sharing is hard. And if you’re talking about moving detailed information for thousands of parts between manufacturers and hundreds of independent distributor companies – all with unique data requirements – sharing isn’t just hard, it’s time-consuming, expensive, and risky too. Both manufacturers and distributors need a remedy, because the wholesale distribution marketplace is quickly moving online."

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Your B2B Customers Are Shopping Around Online – But There’s an Easy Way to Keep Them Loyal

“ You might not realize it yet, but some of your best customers are shopping around for their parts online. Your competitors’ customers are too. Maybe they’re on a tight deadline and checking to see who has a particular part available NOW. They could also be comparing prices or looking for convenient pickup locations near their next job site."

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Wholesale Distribution eCommerce Growth: How Manufacturers Can Avoid Having Their Products Left Out

“ In an age where B2B shoppers are using digital self-service channels more than ever, it’s time for manufacturers to take a hard look at how well their methods of sharing product information with distributors are really working."

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Manufacturers : Why Most Distributors Can’t or Won’t Use Your PIM Data Syndication

"Since PIM data syndication doesn’t work with most distributors, your product information isn’t showing up in as many distributor product listings and eCommerce sites as it should be…"

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