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Defragmentation: A New Model for Affordable Growth and Innovation in Wholesale Distribution

April 29, 2024

In an industry where slim margins are getting slimmer and new competitive forces are rapidly expanding into B2B marketplaces, the pressure to embrace ecommerce is stronger than it’s ever been. But first things first: how will distributors and manufacturers – from local mom & pop shops to large suppliers -- overcome the infamous complexities of sharing, acquiring, cleaning, and managing data for ecommerce?

How to Make All the Puzzle Pieces Fit Together

The wholesale distribution industry has been frustrated by data challenges for years. Manufacturers, distributors, associations, and co-ops all manage their own sets of product data, in their own unique styles and formats, in their own separate databases. Yet they all need to share subsets of that product data with each other.

It’s like a giant puzzle waiting to be put together, but the pieces don’t quite fit.

Instead of all those individual puzzle pieces, what if every manufacturers’ product data could be funneled through one cloud network and standardized for ecommerce? And what if distributors could access all their ecommerce product data in one consistent format from a single, universal source? Anarus is making that universal resource a reality.

Cloud-Powered Data Exchange

By bringing all the industry players together in one beautifully efficient, affordable, and transformational cloud-powered data exchange network called Grand Anar, Anarus is defragmenting the wholesale distribution industry.

What does defragmenting mean? It means rather than each manufacturer sending product data to multiple distributors, buyers groups, or associations who in turn build and maintain targeted databases that are separate (and out of the manufacturers’ control), manufacturers share their product data with Grand Anar instead. Once their data moves into Grand Anar, manufacturers can provide distribution partners with secure password-protected access.

Minimizing the Cost of Innovation for Wholesale Distribution

For all the players in wholesale distribution, Grand Anar creates a single, UNIVERSAL resource that:

  • Minimizes the cost of innovation and modernization with affordable, subscription-based pricing.
  • Offers valuable Business Intelligence and keeps manufacturers in control of their product data – no more worrying about stale or incorrect specifications, descriptions, or images circulating online.
  • Allows authorized independent distributors and members of authorized buyers groups or associations to select and leverage unlimited ecommerce- ready product data from all their participating manufacturers – when they need it and in the format they need it in - for enhanced marketing and ecommerce.
  • Encourages participation by both manufacturers and distributors by eliminating the hassles and high costs of participating in ecommerce for the entire wholesale distribution industry.

Grand Anar is the cloud-powered data exchange network – with patent pending advanced data security features and affordable monthly subscriptions – that finally brings all the pieces of the wholesale distribution puzzle together for ecommerce growth and innovation.

Ready to transform your business? Contact Anarus for more information or request a demo of Grand Anar today.

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