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Use Case: Manufacturer Portal

Manufacturers store product data in spread sheets, pdf files, word processing documents and databases. Each industry has its own set of specifications. In the automotive industry, transmission parts could include torque converters, output shafts, brake bands and planetary gear sets. In HVAC, a motor’s specifications might include voltage, amps overload, phase and diameter. The more granular the data, the more valuable it will be to the channel.

Anar Manufacturer is the powerfully simple way to store and share granular information. Product data such as attributes, specifications, files and lengthy descriptions can be loaded by virtually any means, whether manually, by spreadsheet or by connecting engineering applications directly to the cloud-based data repository.

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Secure cloud storage without database hassles.

  • Break free from high maintenance database structures
  • Break free from SQL
  • Break free from the limitations of local storage
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