Our Team

Leading with vision, innovation and common sense.

The Anarus team combines many decades of database, software and implementation experience. We’ve coached hundreds of companies--from small businesses to global enterprises--through the process of adopting and implementing new technology. We’ve worked closely with business leaders and marketing teams to remove technology barriers, overcome implementation challenges and increase market share with innovative solutions. Through it all, we’ve become intimately familiar with the challenges enterprises face when it comes to database storage. We developed the Anarus platform to solve those challenges.

Our Platform

Powerfully simple information sharing solutions.

Our platform provides a cloud-based data repository and retrieval system for B2B and B2C enterprises using our innovative globally-distributed, multi-model, non-SQL database service at planet-scale. Our solutions are schema-agnostic and horizontally scalable.

In other words, our goal is to make life easier for anyone who needs to store and share information with other business people and other business systems.

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